Yuval Barak Corren

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Noa Dagan


Shlomo Javitt


Tina Lu


Adam Nahari


Eric Zhang


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Ilkin Bayramli


Meredith Arasaratnam

Meredith Arasaratnam conducted research on drug safety while pursuing her PhD at the Harvard School of Public Health. She is currently an epidemiologist at the NCB-Prepared center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Research associate at Massachusetts General Hospital/ AlzRisk Epidemiology Database.

Aurel Cami

Dr. Aurel Cami worked on developing advanced mathematical models to address important public health challenges, from pandemic tracking to drug safety and predictive medicine. He  developed novel approaches for predicting unknown adverse drug events and drug-drug interactions years in advance, developed predictive models of readmission of Heart Failure patients, and integrated population mobility into a system for detecting bioterrorist attacks. 

Andrew Mcmurry

Andrew Mcmurry focused on clinical risk prediction and comorbidity analyses across distributed medical information environments. He was the Informatics Team Lead at Harvard Medical School Center for Biomedical Informatics where he architected the Shared Health Research Informatics Network (SHRINE) and Shared Pathology Information Network (SPIN). He is a PhD Candidate at Boston University Computational Genomics Lab collaboration with Children's Hospital Informatics Program at Harvard-MIT HST.

Sam Tideman

Tamir Avigdor