The Predictive Medicine Group at Harvard Medical School works to develop novel approaches for predicting human health. Our diverse group of researchers, clinicians, mathematicians, computer scientists and biologists develop advanced predictive models for a wide range of applications, including disease risk prediction, predictive pharmacovigilance, predictive health system dynamics and real-time public health surveillance.  


Suicide Prediction

Suicide is one of the ten leading causes of death in the United States. PredMed researchers have developed advanced predictive models able to identify between one third and one half of all suicide attempts on average three years before they occur, enabling life-saving interventions and care.

Prediction of Patient Placement

PredMed researchers have developed real-time models that can accurately predict which patients will be admitted to the hospital from the ED, moments after their arrival at the ED.   Proactively and intelligently managing the flow of patients into the Emergency Department provides hospitals with shorter wait times and improved outcomes.

Family Histories

PredMed researchers are  developing improved approaches to providing more complete, accurate and detailed family histories based on electronic health records of patients and their consenting family members. These improved histories enable better clinical risk prediction and decision-making.


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