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Health System Dynamics



Overcrowding in the Emergency Department is reaching alarming rates, with 50% of all EDs operating at or above their space capacity. Overcrowding reduces patient care quality and satisfaction, increases wait times, and limits the capacity of the hospital for disaster response. PredMed researchers have developed real-time models that can accurately predict which patients will be admitted to the hospital from the ED, moments after their arrival at the ED. Proactively and intelligently managing the flow of patients into the Emergency Department provides hospitals with shorter wait times and improved outcomes.

Selected Publications

Barak-Corren Y, Fine AM, Reis BY. Early Prediction Model of Patient Hospitalization From the Pediatric Emergency Department. Pediatrics. 2017 May;139(5).


Barak-Corren Y, Israelit SH, Reis BY. Progressive prediction of hospitalisation in the emergency department: uncovering hidden patterns to improve patient flow. Emerg Med J. 2017 May;34(5):308-314.

In The News

PredMed researchers awarded Microsoft Health Innovation Award

PredMed researchers awarded IDHA Accelerator Award

Partners & Funding

Boston Children's Hospital, Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator

South Shore Hospital

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles

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